That Moment

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that awkward computer moment

That awkward moment when you create a file named 'gwresfjtgatwpjd' and still you get a message: 'File Name Already Exists'

Biggest Engineering Truth

repair home appliances to be an engineer

BIGGEST ENGINEERING TRUTH: Your family members will not consider you an Engineer...!! Unless you don't repair any of Home Appliance.

Unpossible English

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I failed in my english test unpossible

Come on man!!! That's the best English I have ever heard. You don't believe me? UNPOSSIBLE!!!

Child Labour Is a Crime

If child labour is a crime then why give homework

Its time that the Government looks into these things which are dead serious. Child Labour should be banned, teachers you heard that, right?

I Don't Want to go Swimming

Cat - I don't wanna go Swimming!!!

Beauty of The NIght

Beauty of India Power Cut

No matter how much beautiful at night every country is nothing is compared to the....ahem...dark beauty of India. By the way I am posting a new post after 2 months you know why? WE HAD A POWER CUT!!!